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    Dental Health During Holy Month Of Ramadan

    Dental Health During Holy Month Of Ramadan

    Keeping good oral hygiene is vital during the month of Ramadan. Throughout fasting period, we avoid eating food and drinking any liquids, by this it is typical to suffer from bad breath due to dehydration.

    To ensure you keep your oral health, here are some methods of good oral hygiene practices that you can apply to reduce foul odor breath and other mouth diseases.

    • It is recommended to all fasting people to brush your teeth after suhoor and iftar meals. Wait at least 30mins.to 1 hour before brushing and use tongue scrapper to clean your tongue and dental floss once a day to remove any food particles that trapped in between your teeth.
    • During non-fasting hours, make sure to drink adequate amount of water to avoid dehydration and eat more of fruits and vegetables.
    • It is also advisable to refrain from smoking or lessen nicotine intake during daytime hours as this may affect your breath as well.
    • Avoid sugary and sticky foods which are hard to remove and may stuck in between your teeth if was not cleaned properly.
    • Cut down your caffeine, soda drinks, excess salt, spicy and fried foods consumptions as those are diuretics and may cause dehydration.
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