Meet The Team

Due to be Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic belief that Dental and Medical practices require Doctors dedication and can never be converted in to business, our practice is committed to providing you with  dental health care. We bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualifications.

Your Oral Health starts at Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic was established in the year 2001 in Bahrain to expand the art of dental care to each and every member in the humanity regardless where is getting treatment ,and now provides dental treatments to thousands of people. We do work hard to provide our patients with the very  dental healthcare.

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic is always keen to hear your views so please feel free to contact us if you have any comments concerning the website or the services we offer.

The steps for oral health with least frequency visits

Prevention is the solution

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic strategize is to achieve good and functional dental health for every person in the society through prevention by:

  • Giving applicable dental regular advices.
  • Counseling you to care for your mouth yourself the right way.
  • Updating you with oral health condition in every visit.

In Order to achieve this

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic recommends in order to keep high standards of oral and dental health regular visits to the practice to spot problems early and monitor the effectiveness of treatments.


Reducing the need for active dental treatment.
Even if treatment occurs will be in the least no. Of visits and minimum intervention.

Our Mission

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic and the team passion is to provide the  quality service with  care to patients within least visits frequencies, as gently as possible, in order to achieve excellent oral health which functions for lifetime with natural teeth as much as possible.

Our Philosophy

Due to our belief that no one likes to visit a Dentist, we reserve a reasonable amount of time for each and every patient in order to allow us enough time to listen to the patient and accordingly decide for appropriate treatment plans with conservation in least number of visits. In order to achieve this, we do not schedule large numbers of patients in each day.

Our Commitment

Doctor Monther Numan Clinic uses quality dental materials, supplies , and superior laboratories in order to last long in service, providing that patient follows our recommended schedules , check-up appointments and preventive instructions of continuing care with us, not with others.

Infection Prevention and Control Measures

At Dr. Monther Numan Dental Clinic, we are precise in hygienic standards at the high level. Dr. Monther Numan Dental Clinic constantly provides safe and clean environment for our clients. We impose Ministry of Health and NHRA’s sterilization processes that are based on established scientific principles, healthcare facilities cleanliness standards and sterilization techniques.

Besides meeting and complying to cleanliness by laws from Bahrain’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Monther Numan Dental takes additional steps to abide by the guidelines set forth by the

  • NHRA
  • Ministry of Health
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Sterilization policies and control are set up to provide a clean, disinfected environment for each patient in ensuring that treatment rooms and equipment are properly set up disinfected and sterilized daily and after each use. Initiatives taken for a clean and safe environment comprise details including filtered water; disposable items, hand hygiene observance and how general and infectious waste is disposed are looked at.

1. Sterilization Processes & Flow

Dental instruments are precision tools which require regular maintenance. All our equipment’s and instruments are maintained and sterilized according to international standards using CE certified sterilizer machines. Our clinical headpieces, dental units and other machines are selected not only for their technological advancements but also for their specific design focus on sterilization approaches.

Our dental appliances are individually packed and sealed by our impulse auto sealer machine then autoclaved by our pre-vacuumed autoclave units in view packs for each patient. Every pack of dental appliances is dated to uphold standard level of sterilization.

Dr. Monther Numan Dental sterilization efforts are strictly accurate and updated to abide by the sterilization standard requirements. Single use disposable materials are used to protect our sterilized dental instruments.
Extra steps are taken to ensure all our equipment is properly and fully sterilized. Our autoclave machines are tested daily for its effectiveness. After instruments are autoclaved, instrument is re-checked, dated and stored in a separate clean storage area.

Dr. Monther Numan Dental systematizes its sterilization room in a clockwise direction process preventing any potential cross-contamination of instruments. Sterilized clean instruments are kept under controlled cool temperatures and humidity in preventing the bacteria growth.

2. Dr. Monther Numan Dental Sterilization of Dental Instruments & Equipment Cleanliness

Dental instruments at Dr. Monther Numan Dental undergo several rounds of processing to ensure overall safety and complete sterilization has been met. Dental instruments are initially soaked in rapid multi-enzyme detergent for pre-disinfectant cleaning. The enzymes digest all human secretions including blood, saliva, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and mucopolysaccharides that carry possible bacteria and viruses. Thereafter, the instruments are placed in ultrasonic machines to clean and remove tiny or invisible dirt trapped in instrument corners or spiral.

Indicators and measurement monitoring are done to double check and re-confirm that instruments are sterile and our sterilization machines are performing properly. At Dr. Monther Numan Dental, mechanical measurements on our autoclaving machines are charted at every machine cycle. Temperature, pressure gauge readings are monitored during each pre and post vacuum autoclaving period.

For the autoclaved dental instruments, additionally, biological indicator is being used to check that each parcel of critical dental instrument package has been exposed to steam at the correct temperature and time. This indicator is also use to determine successful sterilization process.

3. Browne Biological Indicator Verification System by Dr. Monther Numan Dental

At Dr. Monther Numan Dental, infection control and sterilization are of top priority. Simply having pressure-steam machines or autoclaves does not guaranteed total sterilization. Our dental office use not just chemical but biological indicator. The Attest Biological Rapid Monitoring System is used at Dr. Monther Numan Dental to verify the effectiveness and to ensure that our sterilization efforts and standards are well assured and within the required standards.

Has a self-contained biological indicator significantly reduce the possibility of contamination, minimizing false positives and ensuring more accurate results.

  • Contains stated population of bacterial spores inoculated onto filter paper and placed inside plastic culture tube.
  • Crushable glass ampoule contains the culture medium for release after exposure to sterilization process.
  • Browne triple temperature incubator contains 13 incubating cavities.
  • Bio-monitors is incubated at 57℃ for no longer than 48 hours following exposure and results read approximately every 12 hours.

4. Dental Facility and Treatment Rooms Sanitation and Disinfection

Dental units at Dr. Monther Numan Dental treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected after every single use with patient. Single-use disposable wipes that contain standard level disinfectants are used with our dental units during cleaning.

The pre-selected standard level infectants used at Dr. Monther Numan Dental are tested and clinically certified to be effective against bacteria and staphylooccus aureus. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Psuedomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enteric, Trichophyton mentagrophytes are deactivated within 3 minutes of contact to the disinfectant. Whilst, MRSA, VRE, staphylococcus aureus with reduced susceptibility to vancomycin, AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis B, C, Influenza A2 Virus as well as Herpes simplex types 1 and 2 are disabled within 2 minutes.

  • Our vinyl and ceramic floor is bacteria resistant, and we only use antibacterial floor cleaner when cleaning the entire floor facility.
  • Treatment rooms, dental units and equipment to be disinfected prior to and immediately following each use.
  • Periodic cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as, counter tops, tables, chairs, computers, door handles.
  • We keep track our housekeeping checklist to maintain cleanliness.

5. Dental Appointment

At Dr. Monther Numan Dental, is stringent not to overbook our daily appointments to.

  • Allocate sufficient hour for each patient for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Give enough spacing time after each patient to allow disinfection of equipment and treatment rooms.

6. COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Measures

At Dr. Monther Numan Dental is very keen when it comes to safety and cleanliness of our facility. We make sure that our clients will receive safe and quality dental services.  Dr. Monther Numan Dental is complying with the local and international Infection Prevention and Universal Precautions Protocol to maintain a safe environment for all.

We allocate triage desk located at the entrance for overall health checkup of all clinic visitors and staff.

  • Temperature check
  • We encourage Handwashing and use of Hand sanitizers which is made readily available for use throughout premises.
  • The use of PPE (face mask and Gloves) is being practice during the visit.
  • Strictly practicing physical/social distancing.
  • We don’t overbook our daily appointments, to make sure we give sufficient time for proper diagnosis and treatment for each client. And enough time to disinfect treatment room and dental units for the next client.
  • We advise patient to come on their respective schedule. If patient arrives earlier, we urge them to stay in their car otherwise wait at the waiting area while observing safety precautionary measures.
  • We suggest patient to come alone or have 1 accompanying companion.
  • Treatment rooms, dental units and equipment to be disinfected prior to and immediately following each use.
  • Periodic cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as, counter tops, tables, chairs, computers, door handles.