Total Trust

“It’s difficult to find a good dentist whom you can trust I always have problems with dentists, I’m thankful that finally I found Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic which I completely trust with my mouth without even thinking twice.”

– AlKharaaz

Professional Dental Clinic

“In short Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, clean Dental Clinic all this make it unique from all other.”

– Caren

Concentrate on Dental Advices Every Visit

“For the first time in my life I meet professionals that not only concentrate on work but also on dental care advices I am flossing daily, using mouth rinse regularly and using the right brush because of Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic.”

– Ahmad


“I would like to mention about modern sterilization equipment’s available in Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic which most patients don’t pay attention for. It ensures absolute sterilization and prevents cross and trans infection.”

– Phobic

Means No Appointment Overbooking

“I found the time given to each and every patient in Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic enough to accommodate patients without being in a hurry and with punctuality in appointments.”

– Complainer about waiting in dental clinics

Means Treatment in Short Frequency Visits

“I think everybody is afraid of dental visits. Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic does the treatment in the least frequency visits with perfection.”

– Fed up of unnecessary visits frequencies