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    Diet PH and Teeth Dissolving

    Diet PH and Teeth Dissolving

    Did you know that the diet you are consuming can cause teeth dissolving? yes it does, the more acidic content of the diet, teeth dissolve fast and the end result is teeth sensitivity.

    The scale for acidity is called PH varies 1­14. Being 1­6 acidic and 8­14 is alkaline while 7 is neutral (e.g. Water). Normally under normal circumstances oral cavity is Neutral (Not Acidic Nor Alkaline).

    Suppose we take a sip of acidic drink like orange juice (for e.g.) the oral cavity needs about 55 minutes in order to restore itself to the neutral medium during which dissolution of the teeth enamel is going on.

    So can you imagine if we sip another sip in 5 minutes and a third one in another 5 minutes and so on. how many 55 minutes cycles you are inter­acting in? which means teeth distraction almost the whole day . Yes I do understand that teeth are the strongest part of our body but still they dissolve.

    How to avoid that?

    1. I can’t ask people to avoid having acidic drinks but my advice is try to finish the drink in a short time.
    2. Rinse your mouth with plain water after you drink acidic drinks.
    3. Visit your dentist every 6 months for follow-­up of your mouth and teeth condition.


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