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    Wisdom Tooth Care

    Wisdom Tooth Care

    I come across in my surgery patients who believe that the wisdom tooth(teeth) are of no use to the person and its always better to get them removed as early as possible?! , Actually that is wrong believe.

    Wisdom tooth is a normal tooth which erupts in the oral cavity as the rest of our 28 teeth but the only difference is that it starts erupting at a later age than other teeth when all other teeth occupy the spaces available, wisdom tooth starts eruption at the age of 17 ­23 year and if space was available for eruption it usually erupts normally and if not either will be totally or partly buried in the jaw and problems may occur with that.

    Any way I’m not going to discuss that part but the part involving normally erupted wisdom teeth and that special care has to be considered in order to avoid that they get extracted:

    1. Try to make the tooth brush reach to the last teeth.
    2. Following meals rinse your mouth with water 1­3 times and place your index finger in your mouth and make it pass on the outer surface of the teeth including last teeth in order to free any food particles usually remaining in between check and the outer surface of teeth.
    3. Visit your dentist every 6 months for follow up in your mouth and teeth condition.


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