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    Tips to brush the right way

    Tips to brush the right way


    In order to avoid cavities, gum disease and pain we need to keep good oral health, .Majority of us brush their teeth but is it the right way?.

    I will give you some tips to do that.

    1. Choose the Right brush

    The brush you are using should feel good in your mouth and hand in order to be excited to use it ,hear I’m talking about the size should not big or small but just right for the size of your mouth. The bristles should not be too stiff remember that we are cleansing teeth but not scrubbing them. As per The American Dental Association (ADA) use a soft brush.

    Electric toothbrushes can make brushing easier, especially for people with arthritis or other trouble with your hands, arms, or shoulders. Remember that its not the brush but brushing!

    2. Take your time

    Usually 2-3 minutes and 2-3 times per day is the optimum . we can do that easily by dividing mouth into four sections and spend 30 seconds on each, or using some electric toothbrushes have built-in timers or even watches TV while he brushing. .

    3. Don’t Over brush

    Brushing more than three times a day and over pressure can wear down tooth enamel and damage your gums. It doesn’t take a lot of force to remove plaque.

    4. Technique

    Plenty of techniques are their but the one I personally recommend is to hold brush at a 45-degree angle to gums margin,uesing very short strokes and then towards the up-and-down motion. Don’t forget to brush outer and inner tooth surfaces, and areas hard-to-reach Always start in a different place.

    5. The right paste

    Use toothpaste with fluoride and avoid harsh one as it will harm and sand away tooth structure.” If you want to use whitening toothpaste to lighten your smile, although I don’t recommend that at all, switch between whitening toothpaste and regular.

    6. Sour drinks/food

    Energy drinks, diet sodas, and sour candies , even healthy food like apple juice, orange juice, and coffee — have acid that soften tooth enamel,

    Remember if you do go for sour items, rinse mouth rite after you finish and try to make consumption quick .Wait half an hour before you brush. That gives your saliva time to restore tooth enamel. brushing immediately causes wearing away enamel,

    7. Rinse brush

    Always rinse your brush after use and keep it in open air to dry out, never put it in a case where it will stay damp . Germs from your mouth and teeth can stay on it if you don’t. leftover toothpaste harden bristles. Stand it up in a holder, do not leave it on the counter, you could

    expose it to germs from your toilet or sink and don’t let brushes touch each other if they’re stored together.

    8. Change brush

    The American Dental Association suggests to change brush every 3 or 4 months.

    Look at the bristles. “Once they lose their normal flexibility and break apart, its time to change it. Frayed bristles won’t clean your teeth as well.

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