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    Why are you afraid of the dentist?

    Why are you afraid of the dentist?


    Being ‘afraid of the dentist’ may mean different things to different people.

    Sometimes bad experiences during childhood bring back memories , or the thought that having treatment will hurt .

    The good news is that majority of dentists now understand patients’ fears, and with a combination of being professional and gentleness can do a great deal to make dental treatment an acceptable.


    1. Choosing the rite dentist

    Admitting to other people that you are afraid of dental treatment is the first fear. If you can discuss this with a friend  you are likely to find someone else has or had the same problem, and may be able to recommend a dentist to you. A dentist who is personally recommend is much better than just hopping to any dentist.

    2.Book an appointment

    It may be helpful for you to see the practice before you arrange an appointment. Call in to speak to the receptionist, and see what the atmosphere is like. Do the other people there look cheerful and happy? Does it give you a feeling of confidence?  Take an appointment with the dentist for a consultation and ‘interview’ the dentist, talk to him and check him if he can give you the feeling of confidence?  Will you trust him for your mouth?

    Make sure to Tell your dentist what it is that you particularly dislike about dental treatment and the reason for that.

    When to book appointment?

    Book appointments at a time of day when you feel at your best, and when you do not have any other commitments to worry about. Allow plenty of time so that you reach to on time in a relaxed frame of mind – arriving in a rush will only make you feel more nervous. You can also take a friend or relative that you feel comfortable with.


     3.what to do next?

    Usually the first appointment is for check up .Take things one step at a time. Discuss plan for treatment with your dentist, and decide what you feel you can cope with. I do suggest that the first dental appointment should be for cleaning. Agree with your dentist a sign that means ‘stop now’ or ‘ I need a break’ before the treatment starts. Usually you can just raise your hand .Don’t be shay to say when you have had enough, treatment can be posed for a few minutes or even for a second session when you are ready to start again.

    Once you know that you can control the situation you will feel more confident and as you get to know and trust your dentist, and other members of the practice you will find your fears begin to lessen. In time you will gain control over your fears, and dental care can become a normal part of your life

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