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    Hollywood smile makeover

    Hollywood smile makeover


    We can define Hollywood smile in simple words, as it’s a combination of the ‘perfect’ form, position, proportion, size, alignment, and color of the teeth, its basically having perfect white looking teeth.

    The term Hollywood taken from movie stars, if you observes them then you will notice a similarity between each of their smiles which is governed by the tooth length ,width, position to one another in relation to the lips, on top of their ‘white’ and bright color .

    These days many people end up in our surgery room seaking for “Hollywood smile makeover”  as they started being aware of their smile not only due to their self esteem but also in finding their sole mate as majority of people look for a nice smile in their ideal partner.

    Teeth involved in Hollywood smile makeover

    This always depends on you . And how many teeth are shown when you smile and also of course depending on budget. Mostly people go for having 6 or 8 upper and lower front teeth.

    Hollywood smile and its maintenance

    Unfortunately most of us think that Hollywood smile is the end of visiting a dentist !!, but actually it’s the beginning of regularly visiting dentist and taking extra care with the” new looks” teeth as you will need to floss daily and brush twice a day on top of at least seeing a dentist every 6 months (regularly regular).

    Once porcelain facings(wither laminates or veneers) are fitted on your teeth , diet has to be modified by avoiding eating foods or engaging in habits that can break or detach the ceramic facings . Also your dentist may ask you to wear a soft night guard  to protect your facings from fracture.


    Hollywood smile using (no drill, no shot) technique

    These days lots advertisement promoting “changing your smile” by placing facings using no drilling technique or even no shots….Sounds very interesting, but we have to consider that not every patient is suitable for that as the following to be considered:

    1) Looks.

    Placing ceramic facings on teeth without drilling will result in larger teeth in width and length. The finished teeth will be fuller and larger. It may look like even horse-teeth!! . tooth will never look live as its opaque with no translucency and of one color .

    But when compared to the convenience and comfort it can achieve the result!!. Most people are simply not concerned about it.

    2) Mouth function.

    Larger teeth can affect to cretin extent person’s speech, biting into things or even change the way lips and checks adapt themselves on the teeth. But over time people tend to adapt to the new feeling. It’s just a matter of time.
    3) Oral health.

    As a rule of thumb under contoured dental restoration is the better choice than over contoured restoration. If you bond a porcelain veneer directly onto the untrimmed tooth surface , it will change the tooth’s contours and over-contoured configuration   teeth  result in :

    -More difficulty in removing dental plaque and food deposits, especially right at the gum line and in between teeth, even by brushing and flossing

    -It inhibits the natural cleansing created by a person’s lips and cheeks as they naturally rub against their teeth.

    As a result

    When dental plaque is not removed, problems such as tooth decay bad breath and gum disease can occur resulting in gum irritation and gum recession which can easily spoil the appearance the set of laminates .

    Advantages of no-preparation, no shot technique.

    Besides the obvious (no grinding, no shots), there are some additional advantages to the use of a no-tooth-preparation technique when placing veneers.

    a) Quick with no temporaries

    If teeth are trimmed we will need temporary coverage for the trimmed parts, with no-drilling technique it’s never required.

    b) No sensitivity.

    Since your teeth still remain fully intact and not trimmed, it’s unlikely that they’ll experience any pre or post-placement sensitivity.

    c) Enamel bonding .

    No-preparation facings are bonded directly to tooth enamel and this is the strongest type of bond created in dentistry. While in case tooth reduction the tooth’s dentin will be exposed and the bond created in these areas will be less secure

    Risks in having Hollywood smile makeover

    Ceramic facing can detach, fracture ,in case of non preparation ,and if teeth have been prepared, then this means tooth sensitivity .

    Alternative for Hollywood make over

    We always recommend to maintain  teeth as natural as possible, try to get the maximum beauty out of them and to keep them as natural as possible  . If your teeth are maligned, go for braces nowadays there are invisible braces to straighten your teeth. If your teeth are chipped, spaced or worn, you can go for tooth colored fillings .If your teeth are discolored, you can always go for teeth whitening to brighten and whiten  your teeth color .


    Person  must understand that by selecting to go for any artificial it’s a must to be diligent with  oral home care, regular dental checkups and cleaning for life long. Otherwise person will place himself in  a complicated condition of  increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

    My advice .. No need to hurry.. it may be non reversible.

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