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    Selecting a dentist

    Selecting a dentist


    Dental care is a personalized decision which requires healthy relationship between patient and dentist. You want someone you can talk to easily, learn from and feel comfortable about visiting. If this is not achieved you will not  respond positively to dentist commands and advices.

    If you have dental treatment concern about the dental treatment you receive, concerns or fears you have to inform your dentist about it. Your dentist is trained to provide oral health care the way you like –provided you inform him about your concerns.

    The best decision is not to wait until a toothache hits. Find a dentist you feel comfortable with as soon  you can .Remember cheap dentist doesn’t mean good dentist.

    How to find a dentist:

    -Recommendations : By friends, relatives, co-workers..etc..

    -Referral : by your dentist or physician can suggest someone in your area.

    -Professional listings :Many websites have dentists listing or dentists directory.

    Things to be considered:

    • Location convenience
    • Appointment convenience (does it take long to get an appointment? ).
    • Office hours and your schedule.
    • Payment options available.( Does your insurance include this dentist?) .
    • If both you and the dentist comfortable working with each other.
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  • Posted by Victoria Addington on July 6, 2022, 12:24 pm

    I appreciated how this post mentioned that dental care demands harmonious relationship between patient and dentist. My friend wants to ensure that her kids’ dental health are protected. I should advise her to book a regular visit with a dentist in their place.

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