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    Management if baby knocked out tooth

    Management if baby knocked out tooth


    Approximately 30% of children have experienced dental injuries for front teeth. playing contact sports can cause  accidents involving the face .A blow to the mouth can cause tooth knock out .. The tooth can be replaced back successfully if you take the right action as soon as possible.


    i.First make sure that your child has no other injuries (to his face or head, for example) ii.If gums are bleeding, apply pressure with a piece of  gauze for ½ hour to stop bleeding. A frozen juice pop can limit the swelling and distract your child’s mind off the pain.

    iii. Don’t worry or panic  about knocked out a baby tooth a permanent tooth will eventually grow in its place. The alveolar bone surrounding the tooth is relatively resilient .Baby teeth are relatively important because they help your child eat and speak and because they hold a spot in your child’s mouth for his permanent teeth to come in properly, and also we don’t forget the aesthetic teeth function

    iv.See the dentist to role out any damage to underlying tooth and that the permanent tooth will have enough space to grow in properly.

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