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    Making the most Out Of Your Dental Visit


    In order to maximize the benefit from every dental visit, we have to keep dentist informed about our oral health and our overall health.

    any abnormal symptoms related to oral health, including pain or sensitivity in the teeth or gums, problems with chewing , or even abnormal pain in your mouth or jaw, Your dentist needs to know about. It’s important to catch new dental problems early so they can be treated before they become visible to dentist.

    In addition, any medical conditions that have occurred since your last visit, such as pregnancy ,debits ,blood pressure.etc. types of dental visits: the comprehensive exam. And the standard checkup and cleaning.

    Comprehensive Exam

    This type of exam may be done as part of the first dental visit to a new dentist. The dentist will examine your mouth, teeth, and possibly take x-rays.


    Standard Checkup

    A standard checkup or dental prophylaxis consists of cleaning the teeth by removing plaque and tartar to prevent cavities and gum disease and at the same time dentist may go around all teeth by examining them from all sides and surfaces but some times dental x-ray is recommended to check the relationship and contact between teeth and possibility of detection of dental caries.


    Most dentists recommend a standard checkup once or twice a year and in some patients may be once every one and half year in order to promote oral and dental health and prevent problems in the initial stages .

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