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    Could be Lucky in Love if you Smell Right.!!

    Could be Lucky in Love if you Smell Right.!!


    In accordance to a research, carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation, coincides with National Smile Month, the nation’s annual reminder of good oral health. Oral health has been associated with how successful you could be with the opposite sex.

    The UK’s biggest turn-offs when looking for a new partner, bad breath came out on top of the list , followed by body odor .The findings were similar for men and women alike in the survey of more than 2,000 Brits.

    Next on the list came stained teeth, facial hair and political views completing the top five turn-offs.

    Previous research has shown more than two thirds of the sample chose not to date someone because of their bad teeth, with missing teeth or stained and cracked teeth .

    The bacteria on our teeth once it builds up if we don’t brush twice a day and visit dentist twice a year will release gases, causing bad breath, so correct and regular brushing is very important to keep our breath smelling fresh.

    To over come this , prevent it and also to have more chances to be lucky in love simply visit youre dentist for oral and bad breath evaluation . Don’t  think that who suffer from bad breath is never you.


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