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    Tips to Maintaining Dental Health in Ramadan

    Tips to Maintaining Dental Health in Ramadan


    Keeping healthy teeth in general and specially during fasting month of Ramadan must  be done, not eating and not drinking is not an excuse not to keep good dental health.  In order to maintain that some of the following tips I may give  :

    a. Brush your teeth after eating “Sohoor” meal (meal before the morning), and “Iftar” (after breaking the fast) must done and never neglected.

    b. Use dental floss in order to clean up the remnants of food stuck in between Then gargle with mouthwash.

    c. In order to prevents excessive dehydration The daily water intake is  8 to 10 glasses. Don’t forget that.

    d.  Meals have to contain vegetables and fruits. Specially fruits that contain lots of water.

    e. Generally avoid sticky foods, like chocolate, cheese, etc. this type of food may stick in between teeth, and can initiate  teeth decay especially if  brushing is inappropriate and insufficient.

    f. Keep it as a routine to check the teeth every 6 months, and preferably immediately  before and after Ramadan.
    Wishing all a healthy Ramadan


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