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    Mitral Stenosis and Dental Considerations

    Mitral Stenosis and Dental Considerations

    Mitral Stenosis is a heart condition where there is narrowing in the opening of mitral valve of the heart leading to decrease blood flow in the body, swelling of upper heart chamber and even collection of fluids in the lungs. One of the most common causes of mitral stenosis is Rheumatic heart disease. It develops after having an episode of rheumatic fever that has not properly treated.

    Dental Considerations: The new guideline regulations updated by the American Heart Association (AHA) with input from American Dental Association in 2007 states that premedication for patients with a high risk category are advised to take antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental visit and Mitral stenosis does not belong to the high risk category premedication. The update was based on a review of scientific evidence, which showed that the risk of adverse reactions to antibiotics generally outweigh the benefits of prophylaxis for many patients who would have been considered eligible for prophylaxis in previous versions of the guidelines. Thus contributes a greater chance in development of drug-resistant bacteria.

    Dental recommendations for patients with mitral stenosis includes the following:

    a. Careful mouth and tooth care by teeth brushing twice-daily and daily flossing.

    b. Regular dental visits and cleaning every six months.

    These measures help to prevent plaque and bacteria from building up around the gums and teeth which is of high importance.

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