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    Truths About Dental Scaling

    Truths About Dental Scaling

    There are various baseless wrong notations about dental scaling that hinders people to visit their dentist. Some of these age old reasons are scaling increases the gap between teeth, it makes the teeth more sensitive and scaling weakens the teeth. Dental scaling is beneficial for the teeth and gums because it removes the tartar (calculus). If the tartar is not remove, it’s deposits will irritate the gums and causes inflammation and over time leads to gum disease. Tartar causes bad breath, bleeding gums and gum recession.

    It is advisable to get professional cleaning done by a dentist with a proper ultrasonic scaler every six months. After removing these hard calculus, it is expected that the patient may experience mild to moderate sensitivity because the concealed part of the teeth gets exposed to the oral environment, but this will subside in a day or two. Some patients may feel the gap between teeth , the gap can be seen because the tooth colored tartar between the teeth gets removed in scaling. During the procedure, the dentist will only remove the tartar and not the teeth. Dental scaling will not weaken the teeth rather it will make the teeth and gums healthy.

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