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    Effects of Soda on Teeth

    Effects of Soda on Teeth

    Soft drinks or acidic carbonated beverages are one of the most significant dietary sources of sugar among children and adults. Kids and adults love soft drinks especially after eating a sumptuous meal; however this mouth-watering drink can bring damage to your teeth. The acids and sugar from soda softens and erodes the tooth enamel or the outer surface of tooth, which leads to formation of cavities.

    To manage the acid attack on teeth, it is recommended to limit the frequency of consumption of acid and sugary foods and drink. Drink quickly or consume one glass of soda in less than a minute. Use straw when drinking sodas. Drink water to flush the acids from your mouth. Wait for 30- 60 minutes before you brush your teeth after drinking sodas. And more importantly, get regular visit to dentist near you.

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