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    Vegetables That Are Good For Your Teeth

    Vegetables That Are Good For Your Teeth

    Vegetables are highly preferred foods that promotes good oral health. Vegetables are high in water and fiber that  increases saliva production. It helps in washing  food particles away from the teeth and the fibrous texture stimulates the gums. . Another thing, the increase salivation neutralizes the harmful acids, thus protecting teeth from cavities. Vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good oral health.

    These are some list of vegetables that are naturally good for your teeth:

    Carrot: Increases salivation and high in Vitamin A

    Celery: Acts like a toothbrush that scrapes food particles and a rich source of Vitamin A & C.

    Cantaloupe: Rich in Vitamin C that plays a major role in maintenance and repair of body’s vital tissue like bone

    Broccoli and Bell pepper: Increases saliva that washes food particles in the mouth and rich in vitamin C

    Leafy green vegetables, e.g., cabbage, lettuce, kale and spinach provide your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain and improve oral health.

    It is now time to add more vegetables in your daily menu but don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly.

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