• 09 MAY 17
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    Dairy is Good to Your Teeth

    Dairy is Good to Your Teeth

    Protecting your tooth from tooth decay is very important and proper nutrition is essential to protect the oral cavity and surrounding structures. Consuming dairy products is a good strategy to maintain good oral health and beneficial to your bones as well.

    Dairy products are rich in calcium, magnesium, casein and other minerals that strengthen the tooth. Intake of cheese stimulates saliva production, inhibits growth of bacteria from plaque and it increases the pH level of saliva that decreases the chance of destroying the outer layer of the tooth.

    Dental Consideration:

    What you eat and drink vastly affects the health status of your teeth, so it is advisable to eat healthy foods along with brushing, flossing and drinking fluoridated water. These strategies will keep your teeth smiling. Also, don’t forget to visit your dentist every 6 months.

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