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    What is Acid Attack?

    What is Acid Attack?

    Acid attack, also called as dental erosion, is one of the types of tooth wear. It is irreversible loss of tooth enamel due to chemical particularly acidic foods and drinks. Enamel (the strongest protective coating of the tooth) when damaged the exposes dentin that can lead to tooth sensitivity and tooth pain.

    There are lots of factors that can contribute to dental erosion. The most common is frequent consumption of carbonated drinks like soda, energy drinks and even fruit juices. Another source is eating pickled foods, lemon, vinegar, alcohol consumption and chewable vitamin C. Some medical condition can causes acid attack like bulimia and acid reflux.

    Dental Consideration:

    What is the best thing to do to avoid or treat acid attack? It is important to see first your dentist, so that he/she can explain further about acid attack and the best treatment plan. Some preventive measures to lessen acid attack on teeth can be altering your habit of drinking carbonated drinks by consuming a glass/can of soda/juice in less than a minute. It is helpful to use a straw when drinking sodas and to drink water to flush the acids from the mouth.

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