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    Fresh Fruit: Best for Teeth

    Fresh Fruit: Best for Teeth

    Our eating patterns and choice of food we eat directly affects the teeth. We need to consume nutritious foods for a healthy tooth.

    Fresh fruit in particular are considered helpful to your teeth and gums. Fresh fruits are rich in Vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that help in growth and development of tooth and gums. The fibrous structure of fresh fruits such as apple promotes salivation and stimulates the gums. Watermelons,oranges, pineapple, berries and kiwis are rich sources of Vitamin C that promotes collagen maturation. According to studies, if we consume fruits as part of diet there is little evidence of fruits in the development of caries.

    Dental Consideration:

    We need to consider also that how frequent we eat these fresh fruits also affects our oral health. It is important to eat foods in moderation and include it after every meal and don’t forget to drink water after. Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste also is a must to maintain good oral health.

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