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    What should Healthy Gums look like?

    What should Healthy Gums look like?

    Healthy gums are as important as having healthy teeth. Maintaining healthy gums is very important for your overall health. Healthy gum tissue has specific characteristics. The color of normal gum tissue can vary, but it is typically coral pink or a darker hue. The actual color varies according to an individuals’ complexion. Healthy gums should have no visible pockets at the junction of the gum and tooth, an area that is called the gum margin, and the gum tissue should extend right up in between each tooth, reaching a point so there are no visible gaps in between each tooth. Healthy gums are designed to support your teeth and to fit snugly around the teeth, protecting the periodontal ligaments holding your teeth in position, and the supporting bone from infection.

    Dental Considerations:

    Because a healthy mouth starts at the gums, maintaining an oral health routine focused on the health of your gums in crucial to the overall health of your mouth. There are several healthy habits that you can use to improve or maintain healthy gums. First, choose a soft bristled brush and brush twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste. Use dental floss daily to remove plaque on hard to reach areas of your teeth.  A well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins is essential for healthy gums. Eating foods containing vitamins A, B, C, D and K will help provide your gums with the nutrients necessary to fight gum disease. Lastly, regular visits to your dentist will help monitor and assess the progress of your overall oral health.

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