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    What are Dental X-rays?

    What are Dental X-rays?

    Dental X-ray also known as Dental Radiography are a useful diagnostic tool for any dental care treatment plan. They help your dentist detect damage and disease which is not visible during a normal dental examination. How often Dental X-rays have to be taken may depends on your existing oral health condition, age and risk for or any signs and symptoms of oral disease. For new patient, dentist may require an X-ray to assess your present oral health status and use this as baseline going forward on your treatment. A new Dental X-ray might require to determine progress of your current oral health state and to evaluate development of your teeth as you continue with your regular check-up visit with your dentist. 

    Dental Considerations:

    Dental X-ray exams are safe because they are designed to minimize radiation although requires a low level of radiation exposure which can make potential harmful effects very minor. Therefore safety precautions has to be taken and should always be observed to ensure that radiation exposure is as low as reasonable achievable. Wearing of heavy fitted leaded apron to cover your abdominal area and a leaded thyroid collar to protect your thyroid should be used whenever possible. Make sure to always inform your dentist if you’re trying to be pregnant, childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding,  so that necessary dental x-rays might still be taken and do not need to be delayed as part of your dental treatment plan but with the use of leaded apron and leaded thyroid collar to protect you and your fetus from radiation.

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