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    When should you take your child on first visit to dentist?

    When should you take your child on first visit to dentist?

    Your baby’s dental care is significant from the start between 3 and 9 months. Your Child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) will start to erupt, and it’s important that your Child’s first dental visit should take place after the first tooth appears. Or as many dentist recommend initial visit should be before your Child’s first birthday. To help reduce or prevent the risk of getting cavities, though they are baby teeth it plays essential role helping your child chew and bite food, speak clearly and save space for the permanent teeth. To prepare your Child’s initial dental visit talk to her/him about what will going to happen. Practice your child to open his/ her mouth to make them ready when dentist checks on their teeth. During the examination your dentist will check your Child’s jaw and teeth to make sure they are healthy and developing in the way it should. Your dentist will also check for any mouth injuries, cavities or other oral issues. A parent may be seated in dental chair together with your child on your lap if your child isn’t able to or doesn’t want to sit in dental chair alone.

    Dental Considerations:

    Plan and give plenty of time for your Child’s initial dental visit so it will not be rushed. Make sure your child is well rested before the appointment so they will be more relaxed and cooperative. You may give your child a light meal so they won’t feel hungry and brush their teeth before the visit. You can also bring snacks but give it after the examination so that it will not stick on your child’s teeth. Your dental team understands if your child will cry during examination it’s normal. But if your child becomes upset during the visits, work together with your dentist to calm your child and make his/ her first dental visit happy and fun experience.  

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