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    Techniques to encourage your child brush their teeth

    Techniques to encourage your child brush their teeth

    Child’s baby teeth are prone for tooth decay as soon as it appears through the gums. In some cases Infants and toddlers may experience severe tooth decay that their teeth cannot be saved and need to be removed. It is necessary to maintain proper dental care from the beginning by cleaning your baby’s mouth with clean moist gauze or wash cloth until your child will be able to brush their teeth alone. It is very important to help and teach our child to practice a habit of proper oral care, starting from brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes. But parents might have some struggles along the way on how they will encourage tooth brushing on their kids in a creative way.  Here are a few tips to encourage your child to brush their teeth:

    •  Play your kids favorite song while they are brushing and keep it going for at least 2 minutes. Or let your child choose his/her own toothbrush and toothpaste to make it more fun.
    • Make a daily brushing routine schedule twice a day and be sure to stick to it.
    • Give your child a small reward or complement every time he/she brushes teeth to motivate them.
    • Brush with your child, be an example to your child and make time brushing together, in this way your kid will also learn from you.

    Dental Considerations:

    Your Child’s first dental visit should take place after the first tooth appears. Or as many dentist recommend initial visit should not be later than 1 year old to help reduce or prevent the risk of getting cavities. Make sure you’re giving your kids a healthy nutritious and well-balanced food and drink recommended intake of fluoridated water. Brush using a proper technique twice a day for at least 2 minutes using the right amount of fluoridated toothpaste according to your Child’s age.

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