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    What is Dental Sealant?

    What is Dental Sealant?

    It is a thin protective coating made from plastic or other dental materials, which painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth typically molars and premolars to prevent tooth decay from occurring  before it develops to full blown cavity at an early stage especially for kids. Dentist recommends sealants on both adults and kids, the sooner you do it the better. Sealing teeth as soon as it comes out can lessen the formation of cavity. Sealants can last a number of years, during your regular dental check-up your dentist will check them if reapplication is required.

    Dental Considerations:

    Ask your dentist about teeth sealants, it is apply on areas with early signs of decay to prevent further damage to your teeth.  Aside from dental sealants, continue brushing your teeth properly with suitable toothpaste and brush at least two times a day and a regular dental check-up and cleaning.

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